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Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow

Name Lily Amanda Snow PhD, MD

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Pronouns She/Her
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 5 inches
Weight 105 pounds
Hair Color White
Eye Color Turquoise


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown (Mother doesn’t speak of him)
Mother Amanda Snow
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Miri Lyn Snow (New Born)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses ( + ) Genius
( + ) Eidetic Memory
(+/-) Hyperthymia (
(+/-) Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (
(-) Emotionally Cold (except to Friends and Family)
(-) Overly Protective of her Family and Friends
(-) Mild case of Schizophrenia ( (Not diagnosed)
Ambitions To run Starfleet Medical and have children
Hobbies & Interests Fencing; Holo-novels; Cooking; Singing; Playing the Guitar; Harp and Flute; Gymnastics; Acrobatics


Personal History Johnathan Hopkins Research Center 3 years
Starfleet Academy 4 years (Took summer courses)
USS McCoy (Olympic-class Medical Frigate) 3 years
LOA 1 year
USS Zeus
Service Record Lily was born a child protégé. At the age of 6 months, she was talking and was walking by the age of 1. By the age of 3, her mother relocated her to a specialized boarding school on Terra. By the age of 4, she had a reading level of a 5th grader. Once she was there, her mother would visit her 3 times a week and would be with her on the weekends.

Lily took to any book she could find, and started to take other courses, like gymnastics, acrobatics, musical arts and dancing. Her teachers encouraged her thirst for knowledge. When she turned 7 she was enrolled into high school classes. Her grades where unbeatable, and by the age of 8 she was in college.
To everyone’s shock she took to the scientific pursuits, when they thought she was going to be a musician or a dancer. When she turned 14 she held Doctrines in Biology; Xeno-Biology; Botany, Xeno-Botany; and Genetics which is what her PhD is in. Lily was awarded a research grant and went to work at Johnathan Hopkins Research Center. After 3 years, she enrolled into Starfleet, looking for a greater challenge.

Once she was in the Academy, her grades placed her at the top of her class ever year, but she didn't have an friends. She spent the four years getting even more Medical Doctrines, in Zoology, Geology, Ecology, Toxicology, and Infectious Diseases, but she, also, did pick up a Masters degree in Criminal Forensics.

Her first post was to the USS McCoy as a Science Officer. It was on this ship, after two years after reporting onboard, that she showed what she was capable of doing. She aided the rest of the crew in a Medical crisis on Oraidan III. They were stuck at this planet for nearly a year, before they found the cure.
After the McCoy returned to port for much needed short leave and restock, she found out her mother was brutally attacked and raped. She put in for an extended Leave of Absence to go and help her mother. When she discovered that this attack had left her mother pregnant, she started her own little search, sense the authorities turned up nothing on it. She was able to get the male’s DNA profile and that got her a starting point into her investigations.

It took her nearly a year to find the man, but she did it. She was able to knock him out and relocate him to a location that she felt safe. When the man awoke nearly a day later, he was surprised that he was naked and strapped down to a table, and this white haired woman staring down at him. That was when the questioning began, with the aid of some torture.

After nearly a week with the man, he died. Then she started her forensics countermeasures, so she wasn't caught by the authorities, but with this being a world outside of the Federation, she wasn't to worried about it. She was caught by Section 31 Agents. Her stay with in care of S31 wasn't a pleasant one, but she knew what problems this group could cause her and her career.

When she returned to her mother's home, Amanda knew that her daughter did something terrible, but she didn't push. As she returned to active duty she requested a transfer to a different ship, as far away from the McCoy as she could. She was questioned on this, as the the McCoy's Chief Science Officer requested her back. She only told them that she wanted a new challenge. So the Brass took her up on her request and sent her to the USS Zeus as the Chief of Science.

Section 31 File:
Report #EB36425-996 Doctor Lily Alexandra Snow
Classified to Captain Code Rank Alpha Red
Filed: Commander George Kirkland and Dr. T’Vel

Digging into Doctor Lily Snow’s background has revealed many things, starting with her genetic history. Her genetic heritage can be traced back to the Eugenics Wars, augmented Queen Alexandra Lily Snow, who ruled over the European Nations. This Queen aided in the defeat of the other Augments and the other non-augmented people to Earth. The limited records from this time, states that Queen Snow was a gentler of the Augments, but was more known for her deviant sexual appetites.
The bloodline of the Queen fell when most of the Augments where killed in the Eugenics Wars, or they fled the planet. It was believed that Queen Alexandra was killed herself, but recently rediscovered records shows that Queen Alexandra, started to go by A. Lily Snow and she moved to the South American continent. Records shows that she had but one daughter, while in exile within the Amazon Jungle. Records at this point get a bit sketchy, but strong enough to follow the bloodline.

Dr. Snow’s mother, Amanda Marie Snow, didn’t seem to inherit any of the Augments more aggressive genes, as shown with previous members of this bloodline. The most unusual of this bloodline is that it comprises of all women, and they never seem to marry at all. It is noted that Amanda Marie Snow, was involved with a known Gene Re-sequenced criminal, Darrin Michael Gray. This is Lily Alexandra Snow’s father, but her birth certificate lists the father as unknown. We are unsure on how this genetic blending of Augment and Gene Re-sequenced DNA are going to affect Doctor Snow in the long run.

Dr. Snow wouldn’t have even appeared upon our Scanners if she hadn’t started a personal search for a rogue agent named Randy Jansen. Records showed that he attacked, brutally beaten and raped Amanda Marie Snow, and had gotten her pregnant, which was another Daughter.

Dr. Snow had disappeared after she was granted a year Leave of Absence from Starfleet to attend her mother. It seems that she was on the hunt. Dr. Snow was finally located outside of Federation controlled space, on the planet Mechron IV in the Angelus Sector, with our rogue agent Randy Jansen. She had taken the man to an abandoned Hospital in an area of the Capital City, which is known for its high crime rate and homeless.
When we finally raided the location, we found Dr. Snow and our Agent. Randy Jansen had been tortured for looks like a week straight. We took Dr. Snow into custody as we investigated the torture. Dr. Snow was taken to Dracon Station for questioning. Randy Jansen was able to tell us a bit of what had happened sense Dr. Snow has taken him prisoner. He made mention that on several occasions that she would stare off into space and start talking to herself, as if there was someone else in the room. We passed this information along to the Station for a Psychological work up of Dr. Snow.

Psychological/Medical (Genetic) Report: Doctor Lily Alexandra Snow PhD, MD

We have run every test upon Doctor Snow and have discovered no psychological issues with her. We did discover a minor bio-chemical imbalance within Doctor Snow’s brain, but was nothing that warrant any concerns. We did confirm that Dr. Snow does have Hyperthymia, but that isn’t affecting her abilities as a Doctor. She, also, has Congenital Insensitivity to Pain.

We have performed an in depth Genetic scan of Dr. Snow and she does show that some of her Augmented DNA is active. This is shown in her Genius level Intelligence and Eidetic Memory. We have also made note of the unusualiness of the color of her eyes, as Turquoise isn’t normal in the Human genome. This is from the Gene Re-sequenced portion of her DNA.


Recruit Doctor Lily Alexandra Snow PhD, MD into Section 31. She has the strength of will to defend the Federation by any means necessary. Also, this will allow us to watch her closely for any mental instability.

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