USS Zeus NCC 80211-A

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New Beginings

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2023 @ 9:44am by Captain Aiden Daniels

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"WOW I have a First Officer now." Daniels thought to himself. It was not so long ago that he was a Captain's XO. A word of advice his prior commanding officer told him was, "When you have a ship and a XO or Number 1 of your own, be fair, but kind. Be all business and approachable at the same time. Yes, you're going to be the big man on the ship that everyone will look up to. Just do your best. Rely on your crew and treat them like family. Being a Captain has its perks Number 1. You get to be a part of your crews' lives. Everything from weddings to birthdays and even births. There is one other piece of advice I would like to give you. "A ship is only as good as the captain that commands her, but the captain is only as good as the crew that serves with them." You won't always have all the answers and that it OK. That is what your senior staff is for. Use your senior officers' strengths to their advantage and develop their weaknesses into strengths. Just like I have been doing with you Aiden. Now go get 'em Captain Daniels. If you need me, I'm just a subspace message away. It was a pleasure having you as my XO and my number 1. "

It was just like Captain Hong of USS Don Jaun, to say that to a departing member of his crew.

It was a pleasure serving with him, even for the short time I was there. Captain Hong was warm and personable, and he did treat me like family. While I took the Captains Academy course abord ship, he was my biggest supporter. Sometimes he would even take double shifts just so I could study for the final exam. I am going to be just like that, but in my own way. I hope that my crew likes the warm and inclusive captain that will laugh and cry and be a part of their lives, just like they will be a part of mine. We will celebrate our victories and morn our defeats. We will grow as a crew and as a ship family.

That is how I am going to run my ship. Just like his, but in my own way.


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