USS Zeus NCC 80211-A

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Meeting the XO

Posted on Mon Dec 18th, 2023 @ 10:44pm by Commander Lilly Jones & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD

510 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: [Episode 0]
Location: XO's office
Timeline: Current
Tags: Jones, Snow

After Commander Jones was perfectly settling in on the Zeus, the captain has asked her to take care of all the other check ins. Commander Jones' first check in is the doctor. She tapped her combadge =/\=Lieutenant Commander Snow please come to my ready room. The Captain has asked me to take care of everything else while he is away. Again this Commander Jones, please report to my ready room.=/\=. She tapped it again.

She was really excited to do this as well.

=/\=On my way.=/\= Snow said in her icy tone. It didn't take her long to get to the XO's Ready Room. She hit the buzzer when she arrived. She was already annoyed with the state of her Quarters.

"Enter." Said the commander. Thinking what if the Lt. Cmdr. is doing alright.

Snow entered the room, and it seemed that the temperature dropped almost 10 degrees. She had a very annoyed look on her face. She was dressed in her uniform, but it was the skirted version, which was ankle length. "You wanted to see me sir." She said in her icy tone.

"Yes. At ease Lieutenant. I can tell you are very annoyed. May I ask why Lieutenant?" The Commander asked.

As Snow's frown deepen the temperature seemed to drop a little bit further. "Engineering has yet to finish installing my kitchen in my quarters." She simply said in her icy tone. "But I am not here about my quarters sir." She stated pulling her orders out and handed them over.

"I understand Lieutenant." Takes the orders. "Well I must admit. You got a great record here. I must say you will be really great officer on here on the Zeus." She added.

"I always work to the best of my abilities." Snow is coldly.

"Yes I believe you will. However, I must say you are fit for duty. I'll inform the captain once he's back." She said.

"Thank you." Snow said coldly. Her turquoise eyes scanned the other woman. "I have a feeling that you have several questions."

"However I have noticed that on your service record here, it shows you were sent back a year. May I ask why?" She asked.

Snow's turquoise eyes narrowed. "You must mean my Leave of Absence?" She stated. "I had to return home to help take care of my pregnant mother, who was brutalized." She said extra icy.

"Yes I have commander. Believe me it's understandable."

"This is a subject, I don't wish to speak of any longer." Snow said with her typical icy tone.

"Yes commander I understand. If there isn't anything else, you are all set to go, commander." She said.

"Thank you sir." Snow said in her icy tone. "Now if you pardon me, but I need to finish getting my departments setup."

"Of course commander. Dismissed." She said still sitting in her chair behind her desk.

Snow simply turned and left the office, and the temperature within the room raised to normal levels. She was heading towards the Science area.

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