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XO's ready room meeting

Posted on Mon Dec 18th, 2023 @ 10:44pm by Commander Lilly Jones & Ensign Ashlyn Ek

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Mission: [Episode 0]
Location: XO's ready room
Timeline: Current
Tags: Jones, Ek

The Commander seems to be impressed. =/\=Ensign Ek. Please report to my ready room. I repeat, please report to my ready room. =/\= She tapped her combadge.

Ash had just boarded the Zeus when he received a notification on his combadge from the Executive Officer. It seemed like the Transporter Chief had alerted her of Ash's arrival. =^= "Acknowledged. I'm on my way." =^= Ash didn't know whether it was a coincidence or had been planned that way.
Nonetheless, he went to the nearest lift and selected the Executive Officer's Ready Room as his destination. Since he wasn't familiar with the ship's layout, finding the right location took him a few minutes. Finally, he arrived and pressed the door chime to inform the Executive Officer of his arrival.

The Commander had heard the chime and said, "Enter." She sat there with a smile, looking happy to meet the young Ensign. The Commander sat down after grabbing a coffee out of the replicator.

Upon entering the office, Ash returned the Commander's smile before quickly remembering the proper protocol when reporting to a superior officer for the first time. "Ensign Ashlyn Ek, reporting as ordered, ma'am," he said crisply, standing at attention.

"At ease, Ensign. Please have a seat. Would you like anything to drink or to eat?" She asked him. I never thought she'd be doing the check-ins. But she is happy to do so.

Ash relaxed his posture and followed the Commander's request, taking the seat offered to him. "Thank you, but I'm fine for now. My friends and I were having a few drinks to celebrate our graduation when we all received orders to report on board," he explained, offering a sheepish smile.

"Very well. Now I've looked at your service record. You graduated at the top of your class. I'm very impressed. Could you tell me anything that I should inform the captain?" She asked with a smile.

Ash felt proud of himself as he looked at the Commander's pleased expression. He had worked hard and remained focused on his studies. For Ash, it was a way of proving to everyone that he had earned his position through hard work and dedication, not because of his parents' position as high-ranking officers in Starfleet. Although he couldn't change everyone's perception, his friends knew the truth - they had witnessed his high level of commitment. Ash was delighted to have made a positive impression on the Executive Officer. "Thank you, ma'am. It was a rigorous four years, but I'm glad to be through the other side." Ash replied, underscoring that he and his cadre had graduated earlier that week. Ash paused to consider the Executive Officer's question before responding. "I'm honored to serve, and I'll continue doing the hard work whenever it's needed, ma'am," he replied. "However, I am curious about the Zeus. Do you have any insights into the ship, crew, and our mission?"

"Well, Ensign. We haven't gotten our first mission yet. However, the crew is pretty laid back, keeping busy settling in. On the other hand, I have already settled in for almost a week. Though, the Zeus. She'll be a tough little ship. However, if you haven't noticed, she isn't that small." She said with a smile. "However, you'll find that the ship isn't as confusing as you think." She added.

Ash nodded, "It's ironic. I've lived on Starbase 100 for nearly my entire life. However, when the Zeus arrived a few months ago, I felt it, and I were connected somehow. That may sound silly, but here I am. I'm confident that I'll be able to navigate around the ship in no time as long as I can find my way to the bridge and my bunk." He joked, "Although more technologically advanced ships are available, why use an old ship like this?" He wondered aloud.

"Well, Ensign. She's old. But she has been completely refitted. However, Starfleet wanted the Zeus on a steady schedule and crew on board. So they sent us out. Now, with that being said, we will keep her in one piece." She said with a smile.

Ash laughed, "Absolutely, Commander. I'll do my best to steer here clear of any head-on-collisions!" He joked back. "Do you know where I'll live, or should I see the Quartermaster for that?"

"Well, Ensign." She hears a chime. "Ah well, here it is." She handed him a PADD that notified him of his living arrangements. "Here's your living quarters, Ensign."

Ash reached out and gently took the PADD from the Commander to view its contents. He couldn't have asked for better timing. Everything seemed to be falling into. First, he graduated from the Academy, then he received orders to report onboard the Zeus as its Chief Flight Control Officer, and finally, he got his assigned quarters. It all felt perfect! "Wow! Their ears must be burning. Can they hear us through all this bulkhead?!" He joked before his eyes grew wide. "I have my own quarters? I'm not sharing?!" Ash exclaimed excitedly.

"No, you're not Ensign. So you're welcome. Starfleet had decided to make it fair to you." She said with a smile.

Ash had been sharing quarters with Dok, Criss, and sometimes both for the past four years. However, having roommates only sometimes allowed him to have much privacy. Therefore, having his own quarters would be a welcomed change of pace. "That's great!" he replied, returning the Commander's smile. "I didn't bring much with me, but knowing I'll have my own space will make it a little easier to stretch my legs."

"Agreed." She said.

"With your permission, may I see unpacking and settling in?" Ash asked after stowing the PADD in one of his uniform pockets.

"Yes, Ensign. By all means." She smiled at the ensign.

Ash stood up straight and assumed a formal stance. "Thank you, ma'am," he said respectfully, waiting for his dismissal.

"Your welcome ensign. Dismissed." She said.



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