USS Zeus NCC 80211-A


Anpetu Ki Le

Posted on Sun Nov 19th, 2023 @ 11:54pm by Sergeant Bianca Redfeather

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Today Nimi is your first day as a brave. You will die forgotten, alone and in dire peril, But you will have lived.

That is what the Fish told me in our communion. Every day I wake up and I wonder will this be that day? Will I be an example or a warning to future generations.

She is a Vesta, it is an epitome of deep space explorers. I ask the spirits for wisdom, for compassion for mercy as I lead my troops, as I save others as I am saved. I am a simple person with simple needs.

While I am entitled to bunk by myself I have requested a bunk in the barracks. I will take my food with the troops, eat the same food, take punishments or rewards as needed. I cannot be the warrior without being among them.

I have said my goodbyes to LeRoy junior. Mom and Dad seem so far away, Dorvan is like a memory. I saw some folks on the starbase having fun and got out of there to go and paint. Its a self portrait I did. Its going to hang in my office.

I hope to meet folks around here soon.

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